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Serge Ramelli is a YouTube superstar currently living in Los Angeles. With just shy of 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 435 tutorial videos helping others grow their skill set around photography. His practical real world methods are applicable to maybe every photographer to help them not only grow their knowledge base but also make money from their passion.

Apart from that Serge is a great human being. Down to earth. Humble. And willing to share secrets to help people like you grow and to get to the next level within your photography. I felt Serge was very generous with his knowledge within this podcast, which just gives testament to his philosophy of; there is enough for everyone.


A few topics we covered within this podcast include; hacks you can use to generate income with your camera, staying motivated, the power of goal setting,  getting started but to name just a few.


To find out more about Serge you can visit:


His website: Serge Ramelli
Free Lightroom and photoshop tutorials: Youtube channel and free tutorials.